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ELR Restoration Mold Remediation Services

If you suspect there is mold growing in your home or business, whether due to a concerning smell or visible evidence, it’s time to take action. Mold can cause uncomfortable respiratory symptoms, as well as serious illness, and it should be remediated as quickly as possible. 

At ELR Restoration, we offer expert mold remediation you can trust. 

Our Services

Mold Inspection

Annual mold inspections are a great addition to your property maintenance routine, but it’s especially important to call us in three instances:

  1. If you see visible mold
  2. If you smell mold
  3. If you have a long-term moisture build-up

If you’re wondering why you need a mold inspection if you already see visible mold, the answer is simple – many types of mold are invisible to the naked eye, though they could be producing dangerous spores in the air you breathe.

When you smell mold in your home or business, you’ll need a professional service to locate the source, which may be from visible or invisible types of mold. 

Since mold thrives in moist environments, it’s also best to get a mold inspection if you have long-term moisture build-up from a leak or other issue. Even if you can’t see it or smell it yet, there could be dangerous mold growing in your property.

Mold Testing

There are so many different types of mold, and it can be helpful to have professional testing completed to learn how serious your mold situation may be. 

Class A molds, like black mold, are the most toxic, followed by Class B and Class C. Each should be removed from your home or business in order to avoid health consequences. 

Mold Damage Assessment

When mold is present for a significant length of time, it may cause damage to your property. At ELR Restoration, we take care in making our damage assessment so that we know what steps should be taken for full remediation. We present you with a thorough plan of action so that you remain informed throughout the process.

Mold Removal and Remediation

We know it can be stressful to deal with a mold issue. That’s why the professional staff at ELR Restoration makes the process as simple for you as possible:

Step 1: One of our mold remediation experts will evaluate your situation.

Step 2: We create a plan of action and walk you through it to ensure you understand each step in our mold remediation processes. This includes an estimate costs, as well as a proposed timeline for the work.

Step 3: We begin our work by cleaning any items with mold on their surfaces, then packing and storing them safely for the remainder of the remediation. We then rid the area of mold, sanitizing as a final step.

Step 4: We unpack your items and replace them in the remediated area, ensuring that we restore your space to its previous condition.

Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Since molds are airborne, we also recommend an assessment of your indoor air quality when you’ve experienced a mold issue. The safety of your family and friends is important to us, and we work to ensure your property has safe, breathable air. 

Drywall Replacement

If you had mold in your walls, you might consider replacing them with new drywall. Sometimes, only portions of your existing drywall may need replaced. Our professionally trained staff can do this work efficiently, and they will also look for signs that the framing of your home has been compromised by mold.

Mold Growth Containment

Mold grows quickly – sometimes within 24 hours – so it’s important to contact us immediately upon discovering an issue. Mold that is not quickly contained can cause greater damage and increased health risks. 

Mold Disinfection

When mold is remediated without the final step of disinfecting any affected areas or belongings, there is a concern that the mold could reactivate and come back. At ELR Restoration, we always disinfect with professional-grade solutions and equipment.

Water Damage Control

Mold thrives in wet environments, meaning water damage should always be corrected immediately. A professional water damage control service can uncover hidden pockets of moisture before mold ever begins to grow. 

Mold Insurance Claims

Mold remediation can be a costly undertaking, which is why we are dedicated to helping you navigate the insurance claims process. We are experienced in insurance company requirements, and we can provide you with complete documentation of the damage and the remediation process. 

Protecting Your Belongings

In cases of severe mold, it’s often necessary to isolate your furniture and other items in order to preserve them. We can help you pack and transport your things, and we will store them at our facility until your remediation is complete.

Why Choose ELR Restoration?

We believe our experience, customer service and reliability set us apart from other mold remediation services. In addition, we offer:

  • 24/7 services. You can reach us day or night to report a mold concern.
  • An expertly-trained staff of professionals to effectively remediate any mold issue.
  • State-of-the-art, professional grade remediation and cleaning equipment.
  • Valuable services that fit your budget, and no hidden fees to worry about. 

If you think you may have a mold problem, don’t wait – call ELR Restoration now before the problem worsens.